Press release

Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport meets with high official the FAO and IFAD

May 4, 2015

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Mr Joel Morgan whilst accompanying President James Michel on a visit to the Vatican took the opportunity to engage in high-level talks in Rome, Italy with officials from both the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the International Fund For Agricutural Development (IFAD)

 Minister Morgan’s first engagement was with the Deputy Director-General of the FAO, Mr Daniel Gustafson  where he expressed appreciation for the FAO’s active support to Seychelles in recent years, exemplified by the signing of the Country Framework Programme in 2014 following assistance for other activities such as the formulation of the Investment Plan under the Compact African Agriculture Development Plan and the development of appropriate agro-forestry systems in the country. He commended the fruitful working relationships with the FAO Representation in Madagascar which covers Seychelles.

The FAO and Seychelles will explore further cooperation activities in the fisheries sector, notably within the scope of the Organisation’s Blue Growth Initiative.

The Minister briefed the Deputy Director General on the problems caused by the hairy caterpillar, an alien species of moth, and the threat it poses to agriculture. He was assured that the FAO will identify a specialist who will visit the country as soon as possible to study the problem and recommend effective ways of dealing with it.

At the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Seychelles Minister was welcomed by Vice President Michel Mordasini.  The latter congratulated Seychelles on its active involvement with the Fund in the context of national efforts for food security and nutrition and effective support to small scale farmers and fishers.

The IFAD-supported project, “Competitive Local Innovations for Small Scale Agriculture” (CLISSA), is currently being implemented. Mr Mordasini spoke of IFAD’s commitment to finding an effective framework for its support to small island developing states and in partnership with other organisations to ensure co-ordination, complementarity and co-financing of selected activities in agriculture and fisheries.

At the IFAD, Minister Morgan also had the opportunity to meet the recently-appointed Regional Director of the East and Southern Africa Division, Mr Sana Jatta.      

In both meetings, Minister Morgan took the opportunity to talk of the Blue Economy being promoted by Seychelles and the opportunities for cooperation and for investment that the related activities will bring.

Minister Morgan was accompanied in his meetings by Ambassador Bernard Shamlaye, who is also the Permanent Representative to the FAO and the Seychelles Governor for IFAD.