Press release

Seychelles moves up a tier in State Department Trafficking report: efforts to combat human trafficking recognised

June 22, 2014

Seychelles welcomes the recently released report by the US State Department which upgrades its assessment of efforts being made by Seychelles to combat trafficking.

In the report released on 20th June, Seychelles has been removed from the watch-list, while it remains on Tier 2 in the annual assessment that reviews all countries.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have welcomed the recognition of efforts which are ongoing by the Seychelles government, including the passing of specific legislation to tackle trafficking and the establishment of a national  coordinating committee to address the issue.

The two ministries have also indicated that the points for action identified in the report correspond to those adopted in Seychelles action plan that has been elaborated with support of key UN agencies.

The two ministries have flagged that while differences remain with the US approach towards the methodology of reporting used by the US, in particular some generalised comments that were not reflective of the real situation, there was agreement on the way forward in terms of strengthening the mechanisms to address the risk of trafficking and create more awareness of the problem.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking, especially of women and Children, recently issued her report on her visit to Seychelles which commended Seychelles’ engagement and the new law which had been adopted to address the issue.