Press release

Seychelles participates in the preparation for Negotiation of a full and comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union

September 20, 2013

A delegation from Seychelles has participated in the preparation of a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Eastern and Southern African States (ESA) and the European Union (EU) in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 16th to 18th September.

The EPA is a trade and development agreement between ESA and EU aimed at deepening Regional Integration and Economic Development. The comprehensive EPA is expected to address the challenges that currently exist under the interim EPA, where ESA states and the EU are expected to obtain market access with a more flexible Rules of Origin, trade in Services and offer Development Cooperation.

The meeting agreed to allow ESA States to revive and finalise their national consultations in order to better coordinate ESA positions, in light of the forthcoming ESA-EU EPA negotiation meeting scheduled for October 2013.

Another objective of the meeting was to provide member states with the information on the development of an ESA EPA Group Development and Aid for Trade Matrix. The matrix is to identify commitments when signing the agreement and will facilitate mobilisation of resources.

The Seychelles delegation included Mr. Kenneth Racombo, DG Development and Regional Integration; Ms. Cillia Mangroo, DG Trade; and Mr. Charles Morin, Chief Negotiator WTO accession for Seychelles.