Press release

Seychelles re-emphasises Blue Economy’s importance for sustainable development at Chatham House and in key oil and gas summit

June 13, 2014

The prestigious policy institute, the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, hosted Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam to lead a discussion on the merits of a Blue Economy approach for the Indian Ocean and Africa.

The discussions which were attended by members of London based diplomatic community as well as representatives of academia, civil society and the private sector focussed on the changes that were needed in international governance that would allow African countries to make more judicious use of oceanic resources.

Minister Adam stated that Africa was poised for a ‘Blue Economy’ revolution but more technical capacity was needed to maximise use of their resources.

While in London, the Minister also presented Seychelles’ framework for oil and gas exploration that is indivisible from its sustainable development strategy focused around the Blue Economy.

Speaking alongside Mr. Eddy Belle, the CEO of Petro Seychelles, the Minister emphasised Seychelles’ commitment to sustainable development that takes into account of all its resources and the way in which such resources can be developed while maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection.

He briefed the meeting on efforts that Seychelles is undertaking for ‘marine spatial planning’ which allows Seychelles to properly present its ocean as a development space.