Press release

Seychelles reaffirms commitment to G77 Plus China Summit in Bolivia

June 17, 2014

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Barry Faure represented President James Michel at the G77 plus China Golden Jubilee Commemorative Summit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia between the 14th and 15th of June. The G77, currently chaired by the Plurinational State of Bolivia and it’s President Evolution Morales Alma, is an intergovernmental body, forged in 1964 to promote equality in the international economic and social order while also promoting the interests of the developing world.

Speaking on behalf of President Michel, Ambassador Faure reaffirmed Seychelles’ unwavering commitment to the ideals and principles of the G77 and pledged to reinforce our fraternal bonds in the spirit of cooperation and our shared values. Ambassador Faure, echoing the statement of President Michel, stating

“If we have to look back, we should count the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the Declaration of the New International Economic Order in 1974 and the UN Declaration on the Right to Development in 1986 as some of the major accomplishments. The G77+ China has, however, been above all the means for our countries to articulate and promote our collective socio-economic interest and strengthen our joint negotiating capability within the United Nations System. This, we should continue to do with one voice.”

In conveying the statement of the Republic on the need for the reform of the United Nations, Seychelles’ representative said: “2015 will also mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations. The world has changed considerably since 1945 and it is even more pressing for our global organization to reflect the realities of today. We cannot be using the institutions of the 20th century to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. The reform of the United Nations, especially the Security Council, should reflect these new dynamics. Seychelles looks forward in working with G77+China in promoting the core values of the United Nations and defending the centrality of a stronger and more effective United Nations.”

Seychelles also brought to the fore the realities of the Small Island Developing Countries who are also members of the G77 + China and embraced decision for the G77 to continue to be a strong advocate for the call to the international community to address more robustly our unique and particular vulnerabilities. Referring to the September 2014 UN Third International Conference for Sustainable Development of SIDS in Apia, Samoa, Seychelles expressed the hope that with more support, we as SIDS and as member of G77 + China, we can come out with a strong outcome. ” We should be united in urging the international community to adopt an ambitious, practical, dynamic, accelerated action agenda to deliver on the promises made at the RIO+20 Summit in order to combat climate change, ensuring an equitable green and blue economy for developing countries.”

Also referring to Seychelles status as a Middle Income Country and the need for this particular group of countries not to be punished for their success, President Michel’s statement remarked

“If we truly want a fairer international order, no country – especially the SIDS and MICS should be left behind. In the creation of this new world order, all countries, big and small, should have a voice in building the future we want.”

Seychelles’ statement also expressed much appreciation for all the support that Seychelles has been given on the issue of piracy in the Indian Ocean Region, which has assisted in reducing piracy in this part of the world,  although  we are still deeply concerned about it as it still poses a threat to commercial maritime trade, fisheries, tourism and international navigation in the region.