Press release

Seychelles records new positive case for COVID-19 and announces school closures

March 16, 2020

Investigatory test conducted, on Sunday 15th January 2020, on one visitor who arrived from Holland on Wednesday 11th March 2020 on the Emirates EK705 morning flight is positive for COVID-19.

The visitor presented with mild respiratory symptoms and given his travel history, doctors who attended to him ordered the necessary test and he was placed in isolation at the Anse Royale Hospital.

The visitor was accompanied in isolation by his partner who will also undergo necessary testing as well.

The couple will remain in the isolation Unit at the Anse Royale Hospital for treatment and care. They are stable.

Following this new development the Department of Health and the Ministry of Education and Human Resources are advising all schools on Mahe will cease operations as of Monday 16th March 2020 for 14 calendar days.

Members of the public are reassured that public health officials have begun contact tracing, the process of identification of all persons who may have come into contact with an infected person and, to continue to follow the guidelines advocated by the Department of Health. That is, to avoid crowded places, observe good personal hygiene, practice frequent hand washing with soap, cover mouth and nose with a dab when coughing and sneezing and others. Avoid going to public places if you are not well and have fever with respiratory symptoms. Additionally, all passengers and crew of the flight are advised that they will be contacted by a health official soon.