Press release


December 3, 2009

The Seychelles Government rejects the allegations posted by PR NEWSWIRE on behalf of Mr. George Xiao and his company LXE Solar Incorporated under the headline “Lawsuit Charges Seychelles Government With Financial Piracy.”

The funds were not ‘seized’ by the Government but frozen, and the article’s accusations are unfounded, defamatory and incorrect, and no part should be considered as credible information.  No attempt was made to contact the Seychelles Government or the Financial Intelligence Unit for clarification.

The Seychelles Government has taken a powerful stance against international money laundering and has started implementing new laws to stop the flow of money from the hands of criminals into legitimate businesses and bank accounts, and therefore ensuring the continued success of the Seychelles jurisdiction as a clean offshore financial center. 

The Seychelles Government established the Financial Intelligence Unit to meet its international responsibilities in relation to Anti-Money Laundering laws and the Financing of Terrorism.

This year Seychelles’ legislation was amended to give the FIU the power to investigate suspected money laundering through Seychelles’ jurisdiction and apply to the courts for lawful orders to freeze funds reasonably suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

The FIU is currently conducting a number of investigations with equivalent agencies and the law enforcement agencies of other countries, including the United States.

Seychelles is a jurisdiction which is serious about ensuring a strong framework of financial security and is ready to investigate suspicious transactions.

The FIU in collaboration with international law enforcement partners is currently investigating an account held by LXE Solar Incorporated. The funds held in its account have been frozen on the basis of evidence presented to the Supreme Court in Seychelles.

The Government is currently reviewing the complaint lodged against it in the US District Court and will provide a more detailed response in the near future.