Press release

Seychelles rejoices with the people of Southern Sudan

February 8, 2011

Following the announcement that the recent Sudanese referendum results were in favour of the secession of Southern Sudan, President James Alix Michel sent a congratulatory letter to H.E. Mr. Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan, conveying the support and solidarity of the people and government of Seychelles.

President Michel congratulated the South Sudanese people on the birth of their new nation and urged the people to continue to embrace the spirit of peace in the transitional periods ahead:

“This is indeed a very momentous and crucial time in a nation’s fight for self-determination, freedom and democratic rights… It is with immense joy, pride and mutual respect that I join the people of Seychelles in reiterating our heartfelt wishes of success, prosperity, stability, democracy and development to the people of Southern Sudan.”

The President concluded by advocating that the transition is done within the correct political conditions entwined with peace, security and restraint.

The formal declaration of independence is expected on the 9th July later this year.