Press release

Seychelles says no military bases on sovereign territory

February 27, 2014

The Government of the Republic of Seychelles would like to clarify reports which appeared in some online media outlets about Russia establishing a military base in Seychelles.

The  Seychelles Government would like to clarify that there is no intention to have any military base of any country on its territory.  However Seychelles is a nation that works closely with many countries including the Russian Federation on issues such as maritime security and welcomes joint patrols and surveillance of its Exclusive Economic Zone and the surrounding maritime region.

Seychelles is also working closely with Russia to increase the number of ships that Russia deploys to Seychelles and to the region to reinforce the shared maritime security of the region and has offered Russia use of Port Victoria for its logistics, refueling, and rest of its crews.

Seychelles offers the same facilities to many nations that participate in the joint patrol and surveillance of its maritime zone and of the wider region.  We hope that this statement clarifies the status of negotiations referred to in the context of Seychelles.