Press release

Seychelles signs General Framework Agreement with Botswana

September 14, 2018

Seychelles and Botswana, meeting in the margins of the 6th Retreat of the Executive Council of the African Union, signed a General Framework Agreement for cooperation.

Signing on behalf of Botswana was Dr. Unity Dow, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, and Ambassador Barry Faure, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, signed on behalf of Seychelles. 

The Agreement refers to the conviction of the parties that they can draw mutual benefit from the further strengthening and enhancement of their existing cooperation. The Agreement establishes a framework within which the parties may conduct their relationship and set out the modalities and institutional mechanisms of cooperation with a view to enhancing relations between them. The Agreement further provides for the two countries to shape and expand their cooperation in areas such as political, economic, trade and investment, scientific, cultural, educational, health, technical and other fields on the basis of the principles of sovereign equality of states.

Both Seychelles and Botswana also commit to continue working closely for the promotion of peace and international security with particular emphasis on ending conflicts in Africa.

A Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) composed of competent authorities of the parties is also provided to monitor the implementation of the Agreement and identify further areas of cooperation.

The two countries have a long standing relationship and already have agreements in trade and investment as well as in education. Friendly relations between the two exist from the highest level as was recently seen by the recent visit to Seychelles of the President of Botswana.