Press release

Seychelles speaks out on the Importance of Local Governance Coordination

July 16, 2015

Mayor of Victoria, Mrs Jacqueline Moustache-Belle participated in a round table discussion of the importance of policy coherence in the pursuit of sustainable development where she was a featured panellist and shared the experiences of Seychelles and her views as the Mayor of Victoria and the Co-President of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). In her intervention, Mrs. Moustache Belle underlined the explicit link between local government, sustainable development goals and financing that truly makes a difference to the lives of citizens.

The Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles attended the event in support of the role of Seychelles in the high-level panel and said he was proud that Mrs Moustache-Belle was able to share the experiences and best practices of Seychelles.

“Local governance is an important part of sustainable development, and it is important that we have events such as these to bring together key stakeholders, who have a common agenda, in an environment for open discussion and debate on how to better synchronise policy with development objectives,” said Vice President Faure.

During her intervention Mrs Moustache-Belle spoke of the need to localise development initiatives at the level of the people whose lives they are directed at.

The Mayor also spoke of the necessity of continually building a constructive partnership between the public and private sector in mobilising financing and development initiatives. She added that local governments were poised to further build on their partnerships to achieve the post-2015 development objectives articulated in the Sustainable Development Goals to be adopted later this year:

“Local and regional governments have the duty to reinforce public interest and to protect the commons, and they should be empowered and capacitated to become active partners with the private sector, strengthening accountability and civil society participation. “Local and regional governments are ready to work with all willing partners to unlock the local potential of cities and territories, so that they become engines of sustainable and resilient development. But true partnership requires mutual recognition and real and structured dialogue.”

Vice President Faure is currently leading the Seychelles delegation to the Third Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is accompanied by the Minster for Finance, Trade & Blue Economy, Mr Jean-Paul Adam.