Press release


December 14, 2010

President James Michel has met with the Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Dr. Tomaz Salomao at State House this morning.

The President discussed with Dr Salomao the need for members of SADC as well as other regional bodies to take greater responsibility in the fight against piracy, particularly in view of the increasing number of attacks towards the south of the African continent.

“ The recent piracy incident which took place near the border of Tanzania and Mozambique is a major alert for the security of the southern African region; all of us in the region are being impacted by the scourge and we must fight it together,” said President Michel.

Dr Salomao said that he had very fruitful discussions with President Michel and members of his government, and that he supported the President in his stance on the piracy problem.

“ Piracy is a major concern for us, for trade and maritime industry of the region. Today it is the Indian Ocean, but tomorrow the whole continent could be affected, and this problem needs urgent attention. We need to find a solution for the problems in Somalia,” said Dr Salomao.

The President and the Executive Secretary of SADC also discussed other regional security issues, as well as new opportunities for trade, and empowerment of the youth in society.