Press release

Seychelles welcomes Security Council Resolution on Syria

September 30, 2013

Seychelles welcomes the adoption of a binding resolution on the removal and destruction of chemical weapons in Syria which was agreed by the Security Council last night in New York, Minister Jean-Paul Adam has stated.

Speaking from New York where the Minister is accompanying Vice President Danny 
Faure at the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Minister reiterated Seychelles’ view with regards to the importance of finding a solution both to the question of the chemical weapons in Syria and the ongoing conflict.

“This Security Council Resolution represents a real step forward towards not only ridding Syria of chemical weapons in accordance with international conventions, but also to create momentum for an end to hostilities in Syria.  Seychelles has consistently emphasized the importance of engagement through UN processes towards ending the conflict which has claimed too many lives.”

Seychelles had spoken in condemnation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria through a statement by Permanent Representative to the UN, Marie-Louise Potter, on 17th September after the presentation of the UN Secretary General’s report on the use of chemical weapons on 21st August.  In her statement Seychelles had called for the appropriate UN Security Council resolution to follow the report, and for UN processes to be prioritized with regards to finding a long term solution to the crisis.