Press release

Seychelles welcomes stronger ACP-EU collaboration at the global stage

May 24, 2019

Ambassador Barry Faure, Secretary of State of the Department of Foreign Affairs and of the Blue Economy, led the Seychelles’ delegation at the 109th Session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Council of Ministers and 44th Session of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers held in Brussels, Belgium from 20th – 24th May 2019.

Speaking at the ACP-EU Council, Ambassador Faure recognised the important role of multilateralism in today’s global climate and welcomed the EU’s proposal for the creation of an ACP-EU international coordination mechanism at the political level in order to strengthen our collaboration at the global level.

The Council sessions discussed development issues critical to the cooperation between the two parties, including strengthening cooperation in international fora, climate change, ocean governance, development finance cooperation, and pertinent economic issues such as Brexit and the partnership between ACP and European Union (EU) post 2020. Ambassador Faure further recognised the instrumental role the ACP organisation has played in promoting the mobilisation of financial resources for the development of the blue economy and the importance of ocean governance in relation to climate change.

Ambassador Faure expressed his appreciation to the EU for their support and cooperation through the European Investment Bank, in financing the Port Victoria Expansion Project. He called on both ACP and EU to continue their important part in influencing global governance and decision making in international fora.

The meeting was the last joint ACP-EU meeting under the current Cotonou Partnership Agreement which governs the relationship between ACP member states and the EU. The Cotonou Partnership Agreement comes to an end in February 2020 and a successor agreement is currently being negotiated in Brussels. The Seychelles delegation comprised of Ambassador Beryl Samson and Myra Laporte, Principal Counsellor, based in the Embassy of Seychelles in Belgium.