Press release

Seychelles will give South Africa the support

October 14, 2011

Ambassador Nhlapo, called on President James Michel at State House yesterday, as Special Envoy by South African President, Jacob Zuma to lobby the support of Seychelles for Dr. Clarice Dlamini – Zuma for her candidature for the post chairperson of the African Union Commission, which will be decided in January next year.

President Michel has reassured Seychelles’ support for the South African Candidate considering the close bonds between Seychelles and South Africa, on both bilateral and multilateral levels.

“We need a strong candidate to take the mantle of the AU to bring reform where necessary… Dr.  Dlamini- Zuma understands the challenges and difficulties of the AU with an innovative approach in reshaping this institution and the African continent.” said President Michel.

Dr. Clarice Dlamini – Zuma is a south African politician and was  an anti apartheid activist and is currently the Minster of Internal Affairs. She has held different other ministerial positions in the South African government. During her tenure as Minister of Health, she was especially noted for enacting the Tobacco Products Control Bill in 1999, which made it illegal to smoke in public places, in South Africa.

“For us we believe it shoud be the right candidate for the job, because of her knowledge of the AU. She was very active in her post as Minister for Foreign Affairs then, in the process of the transformation of the OAU  to the AU, so she understands very well what are the challenges and what the continent is seeking to address”  Said Ambassador Nhlapo during an interview with the press.

She is also being supported by SADC on behalf of the region and the continent.