Press release

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Hosts His First Annual Diplomatic Cocktail Reception

May 1, 2022

In the presence of President Wavel Ramkalawan and First Lady Linda Ramkalawan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism addressed the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, and Seychelles dignitaries at his first annual Diplomatic Cocktail at Pomme Cannelle Restaurant yesterday Friday 29th April 2022.

“This evening is an occasion for me to thank you all, Diplomatic Representatives of your various governments, International Organisations and Agencies for your multifaceted support to Seychelles over the years, not least during the Covid-19 pandemic. Support which has, without doubt, contributed to the well-being and prosperity of the people of Seychelles. The bonds of solidarity, friendship and cooperation that we forged over the years will be central in our quest to reinforce the solid foundation of our relations with all of your countries and Organisations for our mutual benefit,” remarked Minister Sylvestre Radegonde.

The Seychelles Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister also pointed out that Seychelles foreign policy is geared to implement the President’s blueprint for a transformed Seychelles. This will be achieved by harnessing the opportunities from the relations the country has built, nurtured and solidified with its international partners. He also stressed that the Government of Seychelles will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy, guided primarily by Seychelles national interests and convictions as a sovereign nation. Seychelles adheres to the core values and principles of the United Nations Charter as well as the Charter of the African Union, using the multilateral platform to safeguard international peace and security.

“Despite all the challenges before us, we face the coming year with determination to strive for our Seychelles. Our resolve is stronger than ever. Over the course of this year, we look forward to working with each and every one of you to elevate our cooperation,” added Minister Radegonde.

In her statement, H.E. Ambassador Guo Wei, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps said that the Diplomatic Community has witnessed how the country has addressed the challenges it has faced during the past year.

“Seychelles is always walking on the path of prosperity, liberty and democracy. Under the strong leadership of President Ramkalawan and with the unity of all Seychellois people, Seychelles has attained great accomplishments. We are witnessing continued progress in the building of a united, stable and strong nation, and the achievements are recognized by the international community,” remarked Ambassador Guo Wei.

To note is that during his address, Minister Radegonde also paid tribute to all those who have held the portfolio responsibility for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles and have diligently steered the country’s international relations over the years since its independence, namely, the late Mr. Guy Sinon, the late Mr. Jacques Hodoul, the late Dr. Maxime Ferrari, the late Madame Danielle de St. Jorre, Mr. Jeremie Bonnelame, Mr. Patrick Pillay, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, Mr. Joel Morgan, and Mr. Vincent Meriton.