Press release

The Royal Navy’s maritime training ends with a closing ceremony.

April 12, 2019

After nearly two weeks of the Integrated Maritime Mission Planning and Tactical Craft Training carried out by the British Peace Support Team (East Africa) from the International Maritime Training Team from the Royal Navy (RNIMTT), the training has officially come to an end with a closing ceremony held at the Seychelles Defence Academy at Ile Perseverance.

This training had been organized by the British High Commission with the aim of supporting capacity building of Seychelles’ maritime security agencies. Participants included personnel from the Marine Police, Anti-Narcotics Bureau and Regional Co-ordination and Operations Centre (RCOC). The modules of this particular training had been specifically selected to meet the needs and requirements of the local military.

At the ceremony, participants were awarded certificates of participation. On behalf of the Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard, Colonel Simon Dine, the British High Commission and the British Peace Support Training Team (East Africa) were thanked for their continuous support and for them having equipped the Seychellois officers with valuable skills and knowledge.