Press release

‘Tourism is our way of life’- Minister Adam opens IORA Ministerial meeting on tourism

November 22, 2014

Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam addressed high-level delegations on behalf of President James Michel at the opening of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) ministerial meeting on tourism at the Savoy Resort and Spa, Beau Vallon, stressing that tourism is a way of life in Seychelles and also driver for sustained economic growth worldwide.

In his remarks Minister Adam underlined the exponential benefits to the global economy derived from sustainable tourism development, and expressed the need to view the tourism sector as the engine of growth rather than a tributary of other industries.

The tourism industry presented an unparalleled opportunity for growth representing approximately one tenth of global gross domestic product (GDP). In order to tap into this vast resource, the Minister emphasised the need for carefully formulated tourism strategies and partnerships that would have a wider bearing on macro-economic benefits.

Minister Adam noted in IORA, “we have a unique opportunity to build on our respective strengths, and create synergies that can improve our resilience while also creating new and innovative products and experiences”

Minister Adam stressed the need to unite in efforts as pan Indian Ocean nations to better connect the respective markets and create unique tourism experiences anchored within the context of sustainable practices.

The enhancement of air and maritime connectivity is crucial to expanding the tourism sector.  “In this era of global processes- the need for us to better coordinate transport policies and tourism policies could not be more important,” said Minister Adam. In view of this, as of next month Air Seychelles, will open three new routes, to destinations in the IORA region (Mumbai, Dar Es Salaam and Antananrivo) further strengthening the resilience of the sector.

Minister Adam also recalled that the IORA Council of Ministers held in Perth recently had set the Blue Economy as the driving force of the IORA region, and that tourism was a critical component of better managing shared maritime spaces and developing synergies for example through cruise tourism.

Minister Adam was hopeful that the outcome of the meeting would be conducive to growth by exploring innovative ways in which all IORA members can grow together through tourism strategies. He also looked forward to building a better and more prosperous way of life with all the members.