Press release


December 4, 2012

The first of two transfer flights of Somali prisoners back to Somaliland and Puntland successfully took place early this morning, Monday 3rd December 2012. A total of nine prisoners have been repatriated to serve the rest of their sentences back in their homeland.

An extensive prison capacity programme funded through the UNODC Counter Piracy Programme has been progressing well in Somalia, allowing more prisoners to be flown out of the Seychelles in the coming months.

The flight was undertaken by the IDC, with members of the Seychelles Police Force providing the security escort.

Minister Morgan said the transfer of those nine Somali pirates back to prisons in Somalia is another step forward in Seychelles strategy aimed at ensuring that convicted pirates do not remain for long periods in Seychelles’ prisons but rather, spend most of their incarceration time in Somali prisons.  “I am pleased the operations went well and expect further transfers to take place in the New Year. I am grateful to everyone who made it a success, especially the Prison Service, Police Force, the AG’s Office, IDC and the UNODC” said the Minister.