Press release


August 5, 2008

Minister Faure, will be representing President James Michel at the Turkey Africa Cooperation Summit which is to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 18th – 21st August 2008 with the aim of evaluating the level of cooperation and discuss additional ways and means to further enhance cooperation between Turkey and Africa.

Promoting itself as an emerging donor country and pushing to be a leader in South-South cooperation, Turkey is determined to improve and develop its political, economic and cultural interaction with African countries.

The Turkish policy of opening up to Africa was initiated in 1998 and aims at completing the legal basis of Turkey’s relations with African countries in political, economic, commercial, military and cultural fields.

To that end the Turkish Government has taken several initiatives through the Turkish International Cooperation Agency (T?KA).

Turkey, the 25th non-regional member of ADB since May 2008, is a candidate for one of the non-permanent seats of the UN Security Council for the period of 2009-2010.