Press release

UK Hydrographic Office works with Seychelles government to help tackle piracy in the Indian Ocean

March 22, 2019

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has carried out a programme of Security of Navigation, Stabilisation Advice and Training (SONSAT) activities in the Seychelles to support maritime security in the Indian Ocean.

UKHO experts with the support of the Seychelles government presented a series of maritime security capability development seminars and intelligent briefs to government officials to help share the knowledge and vital information provided to partners and ships in the region.

This training, funded by the UK government and carried out on behalf of the Foreign Commonwealth Office, forms part of the UK government’s effort to improve maritime capability and security in the Indian Ocean region and support the newly-established Regional Centre for Operation Coordination (RCOC) in Victoria, Seychelles.

Paul Merchant, SONSAT Capability Development Manager at UKHO said; “As an island state that is hugely reliant on a buoyant tourism industry, the threat of piracy and illegal and unregulated fishing in the Indian Ocean is of huge concern to the Seychelles and its neighbours. From a UK perspective, we also have a huge amount of trade that passes through these waters.” He also added that the training has been “tailored to the needs of the state or region, depending on their existing knowledge and capabilities”.

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