Press release

UNDP Report Ranks Seychelles Top in Africa

September 18, 2018

The UNDP Human Development Report 2018, which was launched on Friday 14th September, has ranked Seychelles #1 in Africa in the Human Development Index (HDI)’s measurement of national achievements.

A key indicator of human growth is provided under the Human Development Index (HDI) of the Report and is a measure of achievements in key dimensions of human development such as:

  • a long and healthy life

  • access to knowledge; and

  • have a decent standard of living

Seychelles has consistently over the recent years maintained a steady ranking in terms of the HDI. This year’s report also ranks Seychelles 62nd out of 189 countries as having ‘high human development’ status.

The Report ( clearly flags that there is a clear correlation between the implementation of Seychelles’ National Development Strategy 2015-2019 and its primary focus on a ‘result-oriented’ workforce, enforcement of the highest environmental standards, human and social development programs, and the latest ranking of Seychelles on the HDI.