Press release

United Nations Executive Director commends Seychelles on its fight against HIV/AIDS

April 25, 2014

In press conference held yesterday at Maison Quéau de Quinssy Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, remarked that Seychelles had made considerable progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS accentuated by targeted government programs aimed at achieving his personal vision of “zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.”

The Executive Director concluding his three-day visit to Seychelles was welcomed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Minister Jean-Paul Adam and by Minister for Health, Mitcy Larue and held a joint press conference.

Mr. Sidibé congratulated Seychelles for its political commitment in fighting HIV/AIDS and mentioned that Seychelles is one of the few countries unilaterally financing treatment for HIV/AIDS. He noted that he leaves Seychelles with a positive impression after having visited the Wellness Centre, in Anse Royale, which embodies his conception that fighting the AIDS pandemic cannot purely be achieved pharmaceutically, but also involves restoring dignity to people living with the disease.

Minister of Health, Mitcy Larue expressed her gratitude for the Executive Director’s visit noting that it has been very productive as it has given her Ministry and other stakeholders the chance to discuss issues related to HIV/AIDS and that the visit of Mr. Sidibe came at the opportune moment when her Ministry launched the campaign ‘Our health, our responsibility.’

Minister Larue discussed the possibility of organising a conference with other Small Island States sharing information on challenges and progress made in the area of HIV/AIDS.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam noted that in the context of bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, Seychelles has a very inclusive view of security whereby issues such as HIV/AIDS can pose a viable security threat if its root causes are not addressed. As such, Seychelles will be very vocal on health issues and support UNAIDS issues on the Security Council.