Press release

United Nations Special Rapporteur Kishore Singh on official visit in Seychelles after standing invitation extended

October 14, 2013

Mr Kishore Singh, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Education, is on an official visit to the Seychelles. It comes after a Standing Invitation was extended to the Special Procedures Mechanism of the Human Rights Council. He is the first Special Rapporteur to visit since the invitation.

Mr Singh met with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Jean-Paul Adam and briefed him on the purpose of his visit pertaining to issues relevant to the right to education. The Minister engaged with United Nations Rapporteur on number of key issues.

Minister Adam noted that the right to education is enshrined in the Seychelles Constitution and is the cornerstone in achieving sustainable development underpinning the notion of the ‘Blue Economy’.

Furthermore, he stressed that education was instrumental in the process of continued democratisation and that a sense of social responsibility must be instilled in children in their respective schools at an early age.

Mr Kishore is on a six day visit, in which time he will call upon the President, Vice President and meet with Government authorities and various stakeholders.

Mr Kishore will present a report to the Human Rights Council on his findings in June of 2014.