Press release

USA – Seychelles Relations: Deputy Secretary of State calls on Minister Sylvestre Radegonde

June 1, 2023

Today, Thursday 1st June 2023, a new impetus was given to the USA – Seychelles relations as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, welcomed the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America, H.E Mr. Richard Verma, at Maison Quéau de Quinssy, for bilateral discussions.

“We note with great satisfaction that since 2021 great strides have been made to expand our cooperations, notably within the maritime security domain, through people-to-people linkages and other collaborations to further harness opportunities for the mutual benefit of our two countries,” expressed Minister Radegonde.

Minister Radegonde further noted that partnerships in maritime security to ensure peace and security in the region are key collaboration between the two countries, “Seychelles is pleased to have signed the Agreement on Maritime Law Enforcement with the United States of America in July 2021. The Agreement will promote greater cooperation through combined maritime operations between Seychelles and the USA so as to enhance the detection of illicit transnational maritime activities within Seychelles’ EEZ and we look forward to the full implementation of the Agreement.” He also emphasized on the importance of burden-sharing in the fight against illegal maritime activities in the region.

The US Deputy Secretary of State described Seychelles as a model in Africa and commend Seychelles’ leadership in ocean conservation, Climate Change related issues and the Blue Economy. He also remarked that the opening of the US Embassy in Seychelles marks a new era in the two countries’ bilateral relations and it will provide a base to deepen collaborations even further. He also pointed out that there is a range of areas in which the two countries already have collaborations and upon which future cooperation could be built even further. He also expressed his appreciation towards Seychelles’ participation in the Cutlass Express training exercise in March this year which is a testament to the commitment to implement the Agreement on Maritime Law Enforcement.

The Seychelles Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister also sought the US assistance for the advocacy of a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index which would help Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to gain access to concessionary financing for their development needs and provide for debt sustainability.

The two sides also discussed issues related to impacts of Climate Change as well as international issues of mutual concern.