Press release

Vice President Vincent Meriton represented Seychelles at His Majesty Emperor Naruhito’s Enthronement Ceremony.

October 22, 2019

Vice President Vincent Meriton has represented Seychelles at the Enthronement Ceremony of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito, the new Emperor of Japan, which took place on 22nd October 2019 at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.


Heads of State and other eminent guests, including Royals, from more than 195 countries and international organizations were also in attendance.


Emperor Naruhito, 59, became the 126th Emperor of Japan when he acceded to the throne in May this year after his father, Emperor Emeritus Akihito, became the first monarch to abdicate in two centuries.


The Enthronement Ceremony formally declares that Japan has a new Emperor and thus marks the beginning of the Reiwa (beautiful harmony) era, which Prime Minister Shinz? Abe says represents “a culture being born and nurtured by people coming together beautifully.”


The Seychelles Vice President was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Daniella Hoareau, and Ambassador Vivianne FOCK TAVE, Seychelles Ambassador to Japan with residence in Beijing.