Press release


July 12, 2010

President James Michel has sent messages of congratulations to Spain for winning the football World Cup title, and to South Africa for hosting the historic sporting event.

“The dedication and perseverance of the Spanish National Team that the World witnessed throughout, and particularly yesterday, did not only culminate into Spain’s success but also a victory for Africa which hosted the first ever World Cup tournament,” said President Michel in his letter to the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero.

“Avid football fans of Spain, the whole Seychellois nation followed the Spanish Team from the very first match until yesterday’s victory, which illustrates Spain’s immense progression into the 21st Century. The people of Seychelles join Spain in celebrating a sport that for decades has not only united us, but also fostered peace, understanding and development throughout the world.”

President Michel also congratulated the President and the people of South Africa for successfully hosting the first ever World Cup on African soil.

“South Africa’s success is our Continent’s triumph. And Seychelles is so proud of also being a part of this momentous occasion as a son of Seychelles reached the pinnacle of his profession to officiate at the World Cup Finals, said President Michel, referring to Eddy Maillet, the Seychellois FIFA referee.

The President said that there is no doubt that Africa has emerged as the overall winner, with unmatched opportunities for the future. 

“We have witnessed Sport’s ability to strengthen cohesion, foster peace, stability, unity and development during the last month. We hope that through our common effort Africa will continue to progress for the benefit of our peoples.”

The President has also commended the people of Seychelles for the joyful and healthy spirit in which football fans followed the World Cup. He has particularly applauded the peace and harmony that has reigned during the highly competitive games.