The Ambassadors

The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles provides for the President of the Republic, with the approval of the National Assembly, to appoint a person as Ambassador. Generally, once appointed, the Ambassador is accredited as the representative of the President of the Republic in the country of accreditation. In instances where an Ambassador is not accredited to a specific country or countries, he or she may be designated as a non-Resident Ambassador or assigned specific responsibilities in Seychelles and dispatched on specific assignments on behalf of the Republic.

Since 1976, over 25 individuals have been appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles, and as per accepted practice (as in a number of other countries, for that matter), a Seychelles Ambassador, once appointed, retains this title for life.

Currently, in the Seychelles Foreign Service, there are 12 Ambassadors. The Minister and the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs are both Ambassadors and, at the same time, the political and administrative heads of the Ministry and Department respectively. Presently Ambassador Claude Morel is the most senior Ambassador and has been serving in that capacity for over 25 years.

Below is the current cohort of Ambassadors of the Republic in order of seniority.

Mr. Claude Morel
Mr. Selby Pillay
Beryl Samson-removebg-preview
Ms. Beryl Samson
Amb Conrad Mederick
Mr. Conrad Mederic
Amb. Lalatiana Accouche
Mrs. Lalatiana Accouche
Amb. Ian Madeleine
Mr. Ian Madeleine
Mr. Kenneth Racombo
Mr. Georges Tirant