Vision and Mission Statements


We aim to be an influential partner with increased visibility in the national and international arena and a global leader in issues relating to small island developing states.


Our Mission is to protect, promote, and safeguard the national interests of Seychelles through an innovative and proactive diplomacy that contributes to the effective implementation of Foreign Policy 2021 while upholding the fundamental principles of the UN Charter.

Core Values

1. Loyalty: an unwavering commitment to Seychelles and its citizens;
2. Integrity: behaving in an ethical and professional manner;
3. Team spirit: working collaboratively within the department and with all local and foreign partners;
4. Innovativeness: pro-actively anticipation and responding to challenges;
5. High Performance: investing in the continuous professional development of our staff;
6. Building Relations: fostering goodwill with our partners;
7. Equity and fairness: promoting justice, impartiality, and diversity in all of our dealings; and
8. Resilience: undeterred by challenges, creative and responsive to change;


Strategic Plan 2021-2025: Harnessing Opportunities through Diplomatic Relations