Ordinary Passport

Matters related to the Seychelles ordinary passport and its renewal are dealt with by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Immigration and Civil Status Department.

Following the introduction of biometric passports in November 2022, passport applicants in Seychelles are required to apply in person at the Passport Office in Victoria. Completing an application form is no longer necessary. 

Seychellois citizens overseas also have the option to apply and enrol for their passports at the Embassy of Seychelles in Paris, the Embassy of Seychelles in Abu Dhabi, and the Seychelles High Commission in London.  To access this facility, applicants must first submit an e-verification via email from Immigration Seychelles before contacting the respecting Seychelles Embassy of High Commission for an appointment.

Further information on the ordinary passport including application from overseas can be accessed on the Immigration and Civil Status website.

Diplomatic and Official Passport

The Foreign Affairs Department is responsible for administering diplomatic and official passport reserved for senior Government officials

 and diplomatic representatives.

This is in line with the existing Policy for Diplomatic and Official Passports.

Applications should be addressed to the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs with the following documents:

  • Letter from the head of the organization confirming the post of the proposed bearer
  • Completed diplomatic/official passport application process
  • Existing diplomatic/official passport (valid or expired)

For new applicants, a copy of the bio-data page of the current ordinary passport