Sale of Seychelles National Flags

The Seychelles National Flag of the Third Republic (hereinafter referred to as the National Flag), was designed and conceptualised by Mr. Philippe Uzice in 1996. The National Flag is the product of a nationwide competition launched in 1996, with the aim of creating new symbols which would better represent the Third Republic.

The current National Flag is the third Seychelles National Flag since the country gained its independence on 29 June 1976.

National flags of the Republic of Seychelles are on sale at the Foreign Affairs Department. Illustrated in the table below are the sizes of flags currently on sale, their cost in Seychelles Rupees, and the purposes that they serve.


Dimensions Cost (SCR) Purpose

Table flag




Flag to be displayed on desks, tables and other similar raised, flat surfaces especially for use during meetings and conferences.
2×1 ft.




Flag displayed as an alternative to the 4×2 ft.
4×2 ft.




Flag displayed on vessels (boats, yachts etc.…) and at private residences.
6×3 ft.




Flag displayed indoors or outdoors, at public premises and also at private residences.












The Seychelles’ National Flag should be used with respect in accordance with the Seychelles National Symbols Act 1993. Information on how to properly handle and display Seychelles National Flag is given in Guidance on the Proper Display of the Seychelles’ National Flag.

Further information on the proper handling and display of the Seychelles National Flag can be obtained in the Guidelines for Proper Use of National Symbols which also explains how to properly use the Seychelles’ Crest, National Anthem and Presidential Flag.