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Speech by Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne on the occasion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 4th Open Day, Maison Queau De Quinssy, Tuesday 22nd April 2014






Distinguished Guests,


Ladies and Gentleman


Good Morning and welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Open day under the theme A determined Island Voice.

Last Year we promised we would open our doors once again to allow you and members of the public to gain further insight into the work being done by our Ministry.

We kept our promise and decided to coincide our Open day this year with the Biennial Honorary Consul Conference to be held on the 22nd to the 24th April.

As is customary this year the Open Day is different from previous years and for those of you that participated in November 2012 you will detect the changes.

Central to the Theme our main thrust is our UNSC Candidature for a non permanent seat in 2017-2018. We have an exhibition for your viewing in the Annex building of the MFA and in Conference Room 2 you will be treated to a live demo UNSC session on the link between Climate and Security performed by 15 members of the Youth Assembly representing the current 15 member States.

We have 3 main exhibition areas in the main building behind me, one on the Blue economy Concept, the other depicting our involvement under the Climate Change/SIDS work programme and the third deals with Maritime Security and the ever popular Human Rights Chapter.

I trust you will have an enjoyable visit.

Today Seychelles is represented overseas by 10 Ambassadors and 86 Honorary Consuls in 59 Countries. I am happy to extend a special welcome to them all present at our Open Day as this is their first experience.

Seychelles has diplomatic relations with 156 countries worldwide and 9 such countries have a permanent mission in Victoria. We are pleased to have Sri Lanka firmly established since late last year.

Another 20 countries are represented by their honorary Consuls.

As we prepare Seychelles candidature for a seat as a non –permanent member of the UNSC 2017-2018 we will deploy all our resources to ensure our election. We have started our campaign as we concentrate for the present on gaining the support of our East African Group within the AU.

We will require additional resources both human and financial to ensure our successful term in office as we make our voice count for Seychelles, the determined island nation.

Starting this year training for two of our diplomats will start in New York. This will be stepped up in 2015 and 2016.

The ministry continues to work under difficult financial, human and technical constraints whilst embracing plans to modernize, expand and upgrade our institution and services.

With a young, dynamic and results oriented Minister, we need all the support and assistance we can get.

Here, I would like to single out and thank the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Public administration for their support as we finally implemented our long overdue MFA Scheme of service for both the Diplomatic and Non-Diplomatic Staff. The introduction of this latest scheme has already had a favorable impact.

Finally, a few words to my colleagues at MFA.

It is not going to get any easier. We are expected to work harder and do more with less. As we work smarter let us always remember we must continue to work as a team. We are on the right track.

I have enjoyed working with you. Let us keep it up.

Merci de votre attention, je vous donne rendez-vous à l’année prochaine.

Mesdames et Messieurs, c’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je demande au Ministre des Affaires Etrangères, Monsieur Jean-Paul Adam de nous adressez la parole.

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