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Principal Secretary, Dr. Marina Confait's toast at luncheon on the occasion of the accreditation of the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait


Your Excellency,

I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as the new Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the Republic of Seychelles. Today marks a new era of cooperation between our two young countries and concretises the foundation for increased momentum in our bilateral relations in areas of mutual interest.

Since our establishment of diplomatic relations in 1988, Kuwait and Seychelles have enjoyed a remarkable partnership, which has borne tangible benefits such as the Kuwait Fund for African development under which five major projects were financed in Seychelles. This display of commitment to our development has not gone unnoticed and gives further credence to your Ambassadorial role, in the coming years.


During your tenure you will surely bring the friendship between Seychelles and Kuwait to new heights both within the realm of our regional and international pursuits. Our renewed engagements today will add greater impetus to our harmonious efforts to jointly support and promote each other’s’ national development plans through high level discussions on inter-sectoral matters such as Trade, Fisheries, renewable energy and the Blue Economy.

I wish to echo our sincere congratulations on this milestone accomplishment, rest assured that Seychelles is devoted in our commitments to further cement the good relationship we have been privileged to enjoy over the years.

In wishing you success in this new endeavour, please allow me to propose a toast to the continued friendship between  the Republic of Seychelles and the State of Kuwait.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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