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Remarks by Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism - On the occasion of the signing of the general cooperation and the agreement on the cremation on a bilateral Commission between the Republic of Seychelles and the Republic of Ang


Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador Ladies and gentlemen,

It is appropriate that, just after the end of Africa Month, Seychelles and Angola meet in Victoria to give yet more meaning and substance to the objectives of our pan-African organisation. The two agreements that we have just signed – the General Cooperation Agreement and the Agreement on the Creation of a Bilateral Commission – are fully in keeping with these objectives, and with our mutual desire to promote the unity and solidarity between Seychelles and Angola, and to coordinate and intensify our cooperation and efforts to achieve a better life for our two peoples.

These agreements are not just legal frameworks defining broad terms and modalities of potential areas of cooperation. They embody not just our shared recognition of values, such as democracy, freedom and rule of law, but they will serve in ensuring and guiding the existing relations and our future exchanges. They reflect the high level of trust between our two states and the spirit of genuine strategic partnership between Seychelles and Angola that characterises our bilateral relations. The agreements underpin our will and efforts to expand bilateral cooperation in several key areas. They will also provide for the agencies concerned to undertake direct dialogue and consultations regarding the main cooperation aspects of our decades-long relations

I wish to recognise and commend the joint efforts and hard work of our respective teams for their meticulous and diligent work in negotiating and concluding the documents. Congratulations to all of you!

Mr Ambassador, We have work to do! We have invested a lot in those two agreements that we have just signed. We cannot and must not fail in the tasks that have been entrusted to us. For my part, I wish to assure you of the full support of my government and of my personal commitment in implementing those agreements to our mutual satisfaction and expectations.

Thank you.

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