Travelling to Seychelles

Seychelles is open to the world, and a visitor’s permit is issued on arrival for the intended length of stay. There are currently no restrictions or requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations or negative COVID-19 tests.

Entry requirements

Although no visa is required, ALL travellers are required to apply for a Travel Authorisation (TA) when travelling to Seychelles. The aim of the Travel Authorisation is to help Seychelles enhance its border security, give the Government greater visibility of who plans to travel to the country, and improve the traveller’s experience both pre-travel and on arrival.

There is a fee associated with this service. The time taken to process the application depends on the package selected – a standard application is EUR 10.90.

You may apply up to 10 days before your flight and we recommend applying as early as possible.

A person can apply for their Travel Authorisation by visiting or by downloading the Seychelles E-Border app. To complete this immigration procedure, a traveller must have:

  • Valid Passport
  • Selfie
  • Contact Information
  • Trip information
  • Airline booking confirmation: You must upload a copy of your airline booking confirmation, which clearly shows your arrival and departure dates.
  • Accommodation booking confirmation: You must upload your booking confirmation(s) for each location of your stay in the Seychelles. This must include the name of the hotel or guesthouse, the boat charter name or name of employer. If you’re visiting friends and family, provide a letter of invitation.
  • Credit or debit card information

Yellow Fever vaccination

A Yellow Fever vaccination (International Certificate) is required only when a person has resided in or recently visited a country where Yellow Fever is endemic or where a person has transited in a Yellow Fever endemic country (airport only) for more than 12 hours.

Planning your Stay in Seychelles

Information on planning your stay, including helpful information for tourists, can be found on Seychelles Tourism’s website: