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What we do

The Department of Foreign Affairs has the utmost priority to establish a highly functional foreign service that serves the best interests of the Seychellois people through a pragmatic and proactive form of diplomacy.

With our country being a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) and thus amongst the smallest units within the international system, we’ve made it our duty to challenge the status quo that reduces SIDS to being bystanders in the international community. Taking into account both our size and vulnerability, we aim to congruently shape the international discourse through active promotion of sustainable development so as to contribute to a more secure and viable world. We also advocate the sustainable use of Seychelles’ oceanic resources. A commitment that we further extend to the Blue Economy by providing our dedicated assistance with the mobilization of resources.

The department highly values and prioritises Seychelles’ national and international partnerships. We are well aware that it is only through their support that we are able to combat our country’s existential threats being namely climate change, narco-trafficking, terrorism, and maritime piracy. Furthermore, we are firm believers of a peaceful world and in Seychelles’ bilateral and multilateral engagements, we enforce the concept of “friend to all and enemy to none” whilst consistently remaining faithful to the nation’s interest and constitutional values.

Finally, respective to our belief in a rule-based and fair world, the department remains engaged to keep lending Seychelles’ voice at multilateral institutions in their effort of achieving development, security and human rights for all.