Press release

Seychelles to open its first Embassy in Mauritius

October 7, 2019

The Governments of Seychelles and Mauritius have agreed on the establishment of a Seychelles Diplomatic Mission in residence in Mauritius.

Both Governments believe that a Seychelles Diplomatic Mission in Mauritius will be an important milestone in the history of the long established bilateral relations between the two countries, which are inextricably linked by historical ties, insular affinities and strong bonds of friendship.

Having such a resident Diplomatic Mission in Mauritius, will allow the two countries to regularly partake in political dialogue regarding pressing regional and international issues, especially those of shared interest. The Government of Mauritius further reiterated that “this Diplomatic Mission will elevate the Mauritius-Seychelles relationship to new heights and widen their scope of cooperation for mutual benefit.”

Seychelles and Mauritius have established bilateral relations since June 17, 1988 and this will be Seychelles’ first resident Diplomatic Mission in Mauritius.